Conseil Général des Pyrénées Orientales

This is the local authority of the Pyrénées-Orientales department (66), an administrative division. It belongs to level 3 of the nomenclature of territorial units statistics (NUTS 3).

This department depends on Languedoc-Roussillon Region and the prefecture (chief city) is Perpignan.

The president of the General Council for the department Pyrénées-Orientales is named Hermeline MALHERBE and she became President in 2010.


The Pyrénées-Orientales, are localised nearby the spanish border and are bordered by the mediterranean sea (eastern part of the territory).

Some figures:

Surface area 4 116 km2
Population 467 128 persons
Density of the population 113 persons per km2
Town Hall under the Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales 226

Skills domain:

There are 4 different fields of activities and competences:

-        Sanitary and social action,

-        Education, culture and patrimone,

-        Economy,

-        Urban and rural development included Water management.

Management and preservation of the local water environment:

One of the main objective is to help local authorities to ensure the supply of drinking water at the right price to their population, today and in the future.

The department is a technical and financial partner for municipalities:

-        There are 5 technicians specialised in drinking water who provide technical assitance,

-        The agency of water brings us a collaboration in the field of the financial subsidies.         8.9 million € /year are attributed to municipalities for drinking water infrastructures and waste water treatment         (3 million € from CG66 and 5,5 million € from Water Agency),

-        A local framework for subsiding drinking water supply infrastuctures’ works

Department network datas:

Total length 4 000 km
Network average age 45 years old
Efficiency 64 %

The General Council is also involved in:

-        Flood risk management and water supply for irrigation,

-        Monitoring and maintaining a good quality level for both groundwater and superficial waters.

Communication and concertation are important steps to ensure a good quality work and knowledge exchanges. Through WATERLOSS project we hope to share experience about this problematical issue for Mediterranean countries and assess the situation in the Plain of Roussillon, which is an inestimable natural wealth (850 km2 of plio-quaternary groundwater) but an easily damaged resource. The Rousillon plain supplying water to 83% of the department population, this is the only ressource for drinking water.


Contact persons:

Barbara CUGUSI

Europe division

Conseil Général des Pyrénées Orientales

BP 906 66906 Perpignan cedex

Tél : 00334-68-85-82-90


Martine ASSENS

Responsible of drinking and waste water division

Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales

24, quai Sadi Carnot


Tel: 00334-68-85-82-20



Drinking and waste water division

Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales

24, quai Sadi Carnot


Tél : 00334-68-85-82-22



Drinking and waste water division

Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales

24, quai Sadi Carnot


Tél : 00334-68-85-82-28


Project Description

The project will develop a methodology for control of non-revenue water in water supply systems, by implementation of the following:
- water balance in water systems using GIS-based maps;
-appropriate performance indicators;
- a decision support tool and a prioritized list of measures for controlling water losses, adapted to regional conditions.


Fact sheet

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