The primary target of WATERLOSS is the sustainable and effective utilization of natural resources and the enhancement of water conservation through the development and demonstration of a methodology for monitoring, control and reduction of water losses in drinking water supplies.

The project specific objectives are:

  • Establishment of a defined step-by-step methodology for the graphical representation of water supplies system by the Water Authorities.
  • Development of a process for the identification of potential leakage points through the utilization of water balance analysis for Water Authorities.
  • Identification of the various components in a drinking water system including the billed authorized and unbilled non-authorized consumption, the apparent losses and the real losses of water.
  • Evaluation of approximate non-priced water quantities in existing water supply systems in participant countries and estimation of the corresponding lost revenues.
  • Set up of a database with existing and new water supply system performance indicators with particular emphasis to regional characteristics.
  • Development of an appropriate system of indicators for the evaluation of the performance of water supply systems, also enhancing monitoring of water losses.
  • Identification, collection and critical evaluation of existing and innovative methods, tools and processes for monitoring and controlling non-revenue water losses, based on preventive approaches.
  • Determination of desired setting points (targets) for the application of corrective actions aiming to water loss reduction, based on rational issues and considering local current conditions.
  • Development of a Decision Support System tool for the selection of appropriate measures for tackling the problem of water losses, with particular emphasis on regional characteristics and conditions prevailing in certain areas.
  • Establishment of a ranked list of measures for water loss reduction considering environmental and economic parameters and cost-efficiency.
  • Justification of the proposed methodology by its implementation in 7 partners areas and certification of the DSS tool by pilot scale demonstration of proposed actions.
  • Set-up of a transnational network for strengthening cooperation of Water Authorities on water loss reduction measures.
  • Promotion of policies in Water Authorities for the efficient management of water supplies and power consumption.
  • Enhancement of the cooperation and the collaboration of Water Authorities with the citizens by the establishment of such conditions that will favour the participation of each group in actions for the efficient utilization of water resources.
  • Training of water authorities professionals on the development of an appropriate water loss reduction strategy.

Project Description

The project will develop a methodology for control of non-revenue water in water supply systems, by implementation of the following:
- water balance in water systems using GIS-based maps;
-appropriate performance indicators;
- a decision support tool and a prioritized list of measures for controlling water losses, adapted to regional conditions.


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