WATERLOSS will assist regional actors to face the emerging issues of water management and shortage that came up recently as a result of long droughts in many Mediterranean territories. The project will contribute to setting up appropriate water pricing schemes in the MED area, as required by the EU Water Framework Directive. The project’s primary output will be a Decision Support System (DSS) tool to reduce water losses. The tool will consider all potential non-revenue water parameters i.e. apparent and real losses, authorized and non-authorized consumption, etc. The tool will cover the whole water supply system, from water entrance to the system up to the customer’s meter.

The lead partner is the University of Thessaloniki that has a long standing experience in the management of transnational projects, and also possesses the technical know-how to guide the other partners into real world implementation of water loss reduction measures. An extended dissemination component will take place, including a web site, CD-rom, online and printed material for the implementation of the project results in various facilities and for the development of water loss reduction standards. Training activities will take place to ensure that the suggested measures become part of the partners’ operations. A layman’s guide will assist consumers to support the project’s activities through creating awareness on the need for water loss reduction.

Besides the management and communication components, the project also includes three main components:

  • Monitoring the performance of Water Supply Systems and evaluation of water losses. This includes an assessment of the performance of water supply systems in partners’ areas through effective performance indicators, assisted by water audit analyses and preparation of water balances for each area.
  • Development of a DSS tool and establishment of appropriate water loss reduction strategy. This includes the preparation of a database of available water management measures, together with suggestions on their implementation.
  • Demonstration of the DSS tool and of the corresponding water loss reduction measures in the partners’ areas, and critical evaluation of the results.

Project Description

The project will develop a methodology for control of non-revenue water in water supply systems, by implementation of the following:
- water balance in water systems using GIS-based maps;
-appropriate performance indicators;
- a decision support tool and a prioritized list of measures for controlling water losses, adapted to regional conditions.


Fact sheet

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